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July 21 2017


No offense but Aphrodite lady seashell bikini



Garden panty?


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engineer Karen Leadlay working on the analog computers in the space division of General Dynamics, 1964.


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We’ve got a special tonight. Pretty blue eyes drink 2 for 1.









shower gel label:  immerse your self in this new   “Me Time” luxury   fruity tooty.    abandon all sense of identity and dissolve  Your memories into this   soothing chemical broth    One billion melons are in this tube… use them wisely

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It’s never too late
To be who you wanna be
To say what you wanna say
And it’s never too late
To leave if you wanna leave
Or to stay if you wanna stay

But baby, I’ve got a feeling in my bones
Can’t get you out of my veins
You can’t escape my affection
Wrap you up in my daisy chains

Hip-hop in the summer
Don’t be a bummer, babe
Be my undercover lover, babe
Hi-tops in the summer
Don’t be a bummer, babe
Be my undercover lover, babe

Her sophistication
Make you wanna quit the bitch you datin’
Let’s skip the games, let’s quit the playing
Boo, let’s get acquainted
Notifications sync in place, even when we on vacation
I knew she’d noticed like I missed a payment
Dang it – but bang it like my fingers
She pray to God I made it
But bankin’ like my Franklins
My neighbors stopped the hating
What? (They been at it)
What? (We been at it)
Hey – Slide inside it
Diddy boppin’, milly rockin’, woo!

She just might become my lover for real
I might fuck with her all summer for real
They better not holla if I cuff her for real
N*ggas better run for cover for real

Goin’ bell, how I feel, close the deal, pop the seal
Take the whip, two pills on the lips, on the real
Truthfully between you and me I’m usually single
When it’s hot outside this I ride through any hood
With the top out– hop out

Hip-hop in the summer
Don’t be a bummer, babe
Be my undercover love, babe
High tops in the summer
Don’t be a bummer, babe
Be my undercover lover, babe

White lines and black beaches
With miles in between us
Is this love or lust, or some game on repeat
It’s like making me crazy
Tell me “Have patience”
Baby, I need this
White lines and black beaches

White lies and black beaches
And blood red sangrias
We traveled for weeks just to escape your demons
‘Cause you’ve got your reasons
In making me crazy
But you’ve got your reasons
White lies and black beaches

High tops in the summer
Don’t be a bummer, babe
Don’t be a bummer
Don’t be a bummer

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Henri Rousseau. Indian Fighting a Jaguar. 1910.

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Wolfgang Tillmans - moonrise, Puerto Rico, 1995. 

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Mystical Handmade Leather Journals

Bulgarian shop Stopan tells us that it “is a protective ancestral spirit of a family household. It has many names and takes many shapes in folk tales throughout the Balkans and Slavic nations as a whole.”

In regards to its mystical and handmade leather bound journals, the artist confesses, 

“For my books I draw influence from bygone times, from old Bulgarian manuscripts rotting in our libraries, yet when opened glow with gold and crimson, glow with faith and mastery of skill. Books that stood against the test of time and stand strong even now. Unfortunately I never had a master, I started binding out of personal need and still am learning from dead masters alone. I strive to make books and journals that touch the heart of people, books that yet again glow with gold and crimson, books that yet again will stand the test of time give their owners joy and security.”

Find the handmade journals in their Etsy shop.

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Robert Bordo

 Denim #1, 1996

 Oil on linen

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Transgender Elders Show Us the Meaning of Survival, pt. 1 (click here for part 2)

For many trans people, representation can be difficult to find, and often one-sided: depicting trans youth but not trans elders. It’s like we don’t have a future, an adulthood, a middle age, an old age. It’s like we just stop. Supporting our young people is important, but we need to show them we have a future, too.

As photographer Jess Dugan explains on her website, “those [representations] that do exist are often one-dimensional.” Dugan set out to fill this representational age gap, teaming up with social work researcher Vanessa Fabbre since fall 2013 to develop the evocative photo project, “To Survive on This Shore.” In the recently released collection, diverse trans elders ages 50 to 86 are pictured at home or in meaningful spaces, gazing unapologetically into the camera, as if asking the viewer to look deeper into their unique context and life story.

(Full Article)

this is amazing,and fills me with hope

July 18 2017







i just found this website that can randomly generate a continent for you!! this is great for fantasy writers

plus, you can look at it in 3d!

theres a lot of viewing options and other things! theres an option on-site to take a screenshot, so you don’t have to have a program for that!

you can view it here!

Totally gonna use this for making my worlds

This is the future

Can they 3D print me a new planet? This one has been disappointing lately.

New Link: http://www-cs-students.stanford.edu/~amitp/game-programming/polygon-map-generation/demo.html

July 17 2017



Anal eyes analyze anal lies

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✨🌸!!!The proofs of my Botanica Tarot are beautiful!!!🌸✨

This is the last week to get your preorders in (until 7/21!)! Get these and the exclusive enamel pin here: http://kevinjaystanton.bigcartel.com/product/botanica-tarot-deck

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I literally just choked on my actual tea. :D

I read through the comments and saw that no one named everyone, so let me take care of that (pardon the brevity, this is off the top of my head).

Row 1 (left to right):

1. Marsha P. Johnson. Trans legend, present at Stonewall, co-founder of STAR along with Sylvia Rivera, a kind of beaming godmother to the movement.

2. Chelsea Manning. Leaked information to show illegal/immoral activities the U.S. government was engaged in. Came out as trans while in prison and came out of prison seemingly full of joy and hope.

3. Reina Gossett. An amazing NYC based artist and activist who worked at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project and, among other things, found and posted the now iconic video of Sylvia Rivera at the 1973 Gay Liberation rally. She’s now working on a narrative film about Marsha P. Johnson.

Row 2:

4. Janet Mock. Brilliant writer and journalist whom many of us credit for the recent phase of the trans moment because of her dedication to openly celebrating and sharing space with other trans people. Her first two books, Redefining Realness and Surpassing Certainty are must reads.

5. Caitlyn Jenner. Ridiculously famous trans woman.

6. Sylvia Rivera. Where to even start? If you’re going to read about one person on this list, it should be Sylvia. No one better represents the struggle and resilience and indomitable spirit of the best parts of the trans movement than her. At the very least check out her Wiki here.

Row 3:

7. Leslie Feinberg. Activist and writer of Stone Butch Blues and Transgender Warriors. Hard to easily describe their identity since he noted how gender was contextual, but around other trans people, he liked masculine pronouns.

8. Miss Major. A powerful force, Miss Major has been loudly advocating for, and personally taking care of, trans people since the days of Stonewall. There’s a new and wonderful documentary about her, Major!, which you can learn more about here, as well as request that it come to your school.

9. Jennicet Gutiérrez. A bold activist particularly focused on trans immigrants and incarceration, Jennicet came to public attention when she interrupted a speech by President Obama to draw attention to the abuse of trans women in detention centers. 

July 16 2017

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Anubis & Horus spotted having tea in Cairo, 2006.

They’re spilling it girls

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