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September 07 2017

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Neon Genesis Evangelion

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So somebody on my Facebook posted this. And I’ve seen sooooo many memes like it. Images of a canvas with nothing but a slash cut into it, or a giant blurry square of color, or a black circle on a white canvas. There are always hundreds of comments about how anyone could do that and it isn’t really art, or stories of the time someone dropped a glove on the floor of a museum and people started discussing the meaning of the piece, assuming it was an abstract found-objects type of sculpture.

The painting on the left is a bay or lake or harbor with mountains in the background and some people going about their day in the foreground. It’s very pretty and it is skillfully painted. It’s a nice piece of art. It’s also just a landscape. I don’t recognize a signature style, the subject matter is far too common to narrow it down. I have no idea who painted that image.

The painting on the right I recognized immediately. When I was studying abstraction and non-representational art, I didn’t study this painter in depth, but I remember the day we learned about him and specifically about this series of paintings. His name was Ad Reinhart, and this is one painting from a series he called the ultimate paintings. (Not ultimate as in the best, but ultimate as in last.)

The day that my art history teacher showed us Ad Reinhart’s paintings, one guy in the class scoffed and made a comment that it was a scam, that Reinhart had slapped some black paint on the canvas and pretentious people who wanted to look smart gave him money for it. My teacher shut him down immediately. She told him that this is not a canvas that someone just painted black. It isn’t easy to tell from this photo, but there are groups of color, usually squares of very very very dark blue or red or green or brown. They are so dark that, if you saw them on their own, you would call each of them black. But when they are side by side their differences are apparent. Initially you stare at the piece thinking that THAT corner of the canvas is TRUE black. Then you begin to wonder if it is a deep green that only appears black because the area next to it is a deep, deep red. Or perhaps the “blue” is the true black and that red is actually brown. Or perhaps the blue is violet and the color next to it is the true black. The piece challenges the viewer’s perception. By the time you move on to the next painting, you’re left to wonder if maybe there have been other instances in which you believe something to be true but your perception is warped by some outside factor. And then you wonder if ANY of the colors were truly black. How can anything be cut and dry, black and white, when even black itself isn’t as absolute as you thought it was?

People need to understand that not all art is about portraying a realistic image, and that technical skills (like the ability to paint a scene that looks as though it may have been photographed) are not the only kind of artistic skills. Some art is meant to be pretty or look like something. Other art is meant to carry a message or an idea, to provoke thought.

Reinhart’s art is utterly genius.

“But anyone could have done that! It doesn’t take any special skill! I could have done that!”

Ok. Maybe you could have. But you didn’t.

Give abstract art some respect. It’s more important than you realize.

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Someone asked if I could post the personal alien concepts I did on a livestream a few months ago. I was so grievously upset at how bad Alien Covenant was that I started doing a few of my own takes. 

This maternal alien has two fetal aliens in its belly so that once killed, two erupt in its place. The little buggers also have a foreskin over their mouth. I feel like the sexual monster aspect is so important to the original Alien movie and is something entirely lost from every iteration since. The fact that it looks and moves like a man makes it so much more unsettling than whatever digitigrade dog monsters they call aliens in movies these days. 

Bonus: Dolphin Alien because I don’t know.


Modern Greek Mythology


 Hestia comforts the children of broken homes, she appears to them as a school councilor that always has cookies. They cry in her arms, and she lets them stay with her for as long as she can. She stopped calling home, stopped making strongly worded comments to the parents. All there is left are broken homes and suffering children.

 Hera sits next to her sister, holds her hand and thinks about the broken marriages that lead to broken homes. She listens to the couples yelling at each other while she walks on the streets. She holds the crying women, she listens to the hopeless men. All of the power that a goddess of marriage possesses cannot help the people who were betrayed by their closest ones.

 After a long day, Demeter sits on the ground in her garden, holds a cup of tea in hands that have dirt all over them. She wishes that more people would remember what is under all of the concrete. She feels the dying of her world, and curses those who do not care for it.

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I don’t know if anyone has posted this set on here yet, but I haven’t seen anything on my dash about it so I thought that I would post it. Muslims in Myanmar are being burnt alive and I’m not gonna post videos or photos because they’re brutal and I feel like muslims are dehumanized enough and I’m sick of seeing our dead bodies plastered everywhere. Unfortunately all I know is from what I’ve seen on instagram and twitter, so if anyone has anything to add on, feel free to. Keep Rohingya Muslims in your duaas.

September 06 2017

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Ajak Deng photographed by Egor Tsodov for Numéro Russia September 2017

Stylist: Mar Peidro
Makeup & Hair: Maddie North

September 05 2017







We all know the meme

Well, I went digging further and found the backstory.

It all starts in highschool (or early college)

(for time sake we’ll call blue shirt, girl 1 and the other girl, girl 2.)

Girl one begins to grow feelings for girl two.

She get jealous of the man and decides to become best friends with girl 2

soon girl two grows feeling for girl one

Soon, the time of the meme takes place

She finds out that he cheated on her by finding messages on his phone

A fight breaks out and he hits her

She divorces him after that fight

Back to girl one, She find out and comferts her

They decide to hook up and the relationship goes great

The guy finds a boyfriend

and they all work everything out!

Feel free to add anything if you like

Dude Falsettos looks so good

This comment. I’m.

September 04 2017

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September 03 2017

If men could menstruate, they’d brag about how bloody their periods were and equate masculinity with a heavy flow. If men could menstruate, they’d use it as a reason to ban women from being in combat because only men would know what it’s like like to bleed and suffer.
— Gloria Steinem
(via vintageclothesretro)
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I won’t hesitate, bitch

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September 01 2017


Witch tip


Eat a tarot card to gain it’s powers




so my friend is sleeping over and he is out on my couch and we both just went on grindr and there is a blank profile in-between us 

August 31 2017

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Don’t Touch My Crown’ is my ongoing portrait series exploring the unearthly richness of our origins and beauty of Black hair // Portraits by Bobby Rogers

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This creature is a Saturniidae moth caterpillar.

Um sweetie that’s Björk.




So Elijah Daniel became legit mayor of Hell (Michigan) and he starts off by approving eating ass and is now banning heterosexuals from Hell. 

God bless Hell

I can’t make this shit up

official mayor tweets:

This is the one that kills me tho:

August 30 2017

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August 29 2017












A concept: mermaids in wheelchairs

Another: shapeshifters with stretch marks

Religious vampires trying to find ways to balance their ideologies with their needs

Sirens learning sign language so they can communicate without enchanting anyone

Disabled fairies who can’t fly pushing for accessibility

Spirits helping save people from fires and other natural disasters because they can access areas too dangerous for the living

Dragons becoming foster parents and providing super safe homes for “hordes” of children until they grow up

Female werewolves with facial hair and body hair not letting anyone make them feel bad about it

Fae snatching children from abusive homes and raising them in safety while the changeling wreaks havoc

Liberated genies using their power to fight for human rights

Witchy cooking shows where witches try to make specific potions or find creative magical solutions to problems

Psychic psychologists and medical doctors who are able to figure out exactly how to help even if their patient is non-verbal, young, or afraid of being honest because they’re with an abuser

Psychic teachers knowing just what to do to help students with learning disabilities

Yes please. 

I just slammed the reblog button so hard my phone broke.

Hell hound service animals



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